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Once Documentary and fashion photographer Marie Man had  mentioned Lavender during our first design meeting ..I got to work sketching this corset, skirt and Bustle.. as I had already noticedthe fabrics in my library of silk books. I quickly matched certain fabric textures  to achieve the look we wanted to create.


Initial sketched designs, a result of the first design meeting with Photographer..Marie Man.We talked about Fairy tales with a twist and alternative ideas..What a team..Intuitive from the start.

On arrival at Woodchester mansion, Stroud, Gloustershire I was met by the team…

David Hill Souch, director at Shoot DHS Models, bath models in Bath..We had worked together on an earlier shoot s that was fun to se him there.

Make-up artist  for the day was Sophia Cox and Hair by Chris Bryce who also styles at

Katie Roxburgh gets prepared in Corset, Bustle and Skirt


Helen Diaz and Dave Hill Souch get in the Mood!while all around test lighting


Chris Bryce is the selected Make-up artist on Set


Bustle in the making in my Studio / Somerset


Creating two way lavender Silk Duchess rosescombined with Silk Organdie and Silk Tulle


Silk spider Roses in detail..embroidered by Hand on the edges of the  Bridal corset


This Corset is made of Silk Duchess Satin overlaidwith embroidered Tulle and then the ribbon flowers have been added by handThese can be added in any colour or flower design of choice, perhaps to tie in with a theme or Bouquet


Pages 22 & 23 March 2013 Clifton Life Magazine. Bristol UKLIGHTING: Damien LovegroveFloral Bouqet: Grace Haskins Bramble and WildChocolate cake Wedding specialist : Lizzie Melling, Chocolate Delores

Alternative Wedding Shoot: Twisted Wonderland, Woodchester Mansion, Stroud, Glos. UK JULY 2012


Behind the scenes…


This promised to be an exciting experience,and it did not dis-appoint! The Photographer and Director, Marie Man called me to ask if I would be interested in providing some conceptual Wedding ideas based around colour themes…Lavender and Fucshia…both separate themes.


I was already in the process of building my portfolio for 2013 and these colours fitted in perfectly. I am not inspired by the mass flood of Ivory Bridalwear in the traditional sense so this was great inspiration for me….alternative but commercial, inspired although indulgent as Bridal wear and Unique as it should suit the Brides personality…




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