Crowcombe Court

I took three  different Bridal gowns along to the Equine shoot directed by Jo Hansford Photography. We were located at Crowcombe Court in Somerset, at the end of a stunning drive across the Quantock hills. Crowcombe Court is impressive upon approach and an amazing residence to the family  that own it but they also market the old house as a Wedding venue. We were allocated a room to temporarily store the garments and prepare the models for the shoot while the horses were prepared by the florist, an amazing way to display  flowers !

So Jo (Hansford) has created a great blog from her photographic angle along with her partner Nic. Naturally mine is from a designer/seamstress point of view and gives some insight into the development and production of the garments captured in the shots. Im focused on the gowns individually as they are all quite different and deserve their own introduction……

Bridal_Equine_Jo_Hansford_136_toned_sm Bridal_Equine_Jo_Hansford_123 Bridal_Equine_Jo_Hansford_116_xpro Bridal_Equine_Jo_Hansford_108_toned_sm Bridal_Equine_Jo_Hansford_109 Bridal_Equine_Jo_Hansford_110xpro Bridal_Equine_Jo_Hansford_113 Bridal_Equine_Jo_Hansford_114 Bridal_Equine_Jo_Hansford_107 Bridal_Equine_Jo_Hansford_106xpro (1) Bridal_Equine_Jo_Hansford_106xpro Bridal_Equine_Jo_Hansford_105xpro Bridal_Equine_Jo_Hansford_104 Bridal_Equine_Jo_Hansford_103_xpro Bridal_Equine_Jo_Hansford_102_xpro Bridal_Equine_Jo_Hansford_101_xpro Bridal_Equine_Jo_Hansford_100 Bridal_Equine_Jo_Hansford_099 Bridal_Equine_Jo_Hansford_098_xpro Bridal_Equine_Jo_Hansford_096 Bridal_Equine_Jo_Hansford_095_xpro (1) Bridal_Equine_Jo_Hansford_094 Bridal_Equine_Jo_Hansford_093


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Crowcombe Court (Location and venue for Hire)


Real Bride : Madeleine : Summer 2016

The Gown worn by Madeleine Havell-Rogers


I met Madeleine four years ago . She was modelling at a photo shoot I was invited to attend with a team of very creative individuals organised by professional photographer Marie Man. The event location was at Wood Chester Mansion in Stroud, Gloucestershire.

Madeleine didn’t wear one of my gowns that particular day but we were all working towards a similar brief which was to create alternative imagery for the wedding industry,  to display our work and to inspire others.

I get invited to many shoots and so have to be selective . This day was pivotal at that stage of my career because I met some amazing people which resulted in incredible photographs,  long term friendships , creative development and then more recently, having the privilege in being asked to design and create Madeleines wedding gown!

Our paths have crossed a few times since that day of the shoot. Madeleine is a professional model and actress. I had asked her if she would be interested in modelling some of my corsetry work for a shoot with well established photographer and lighting expert, Damien Lovegrove . Vicki Waghorn was our make-up artist  at Berwick Lodge Hotel.

In the Autumn of 2015,Madeleine visited my work room and described her dream wedding gown.


We discussed shades, fabrics and styles to suit and enhance Madeleines beautiful and curvaceous silhouette.

I sketched out several design options for Madeleine to think about . I suggested she go for a slightly alternative shade. She expressed that she liked Oyster shades but after analysing the options we ended up with a combination of Dove Grey silk Duchess satin for the bodice and under skirt, ‘crystal’ silk satin Chiffon and ‘sea-pearl’ satin chiffon for the floaty layers of the skirt section.

Her criteria of details to include, were to enhance her waistline, a flattering hourglass bodice shape and a very floaty skirt with a split vent for her beautiful legs to show while Being a corset specialist I was able to offer her a built in steel boned corset which would be concealed beneath a top layer of pleated duchess satin.

The following images are a development from toile stage to the final dress over 3 to 4 fittings:

img_1949 img_1980 img_1979 img_1976 img_1952 img_1942