Making a Corset

My Corset workshops run over a single weekend. I started off by offering this class to beginners so you only need very basic sewing skills but after the 12 hours in total you leave with some precision sewing techniques under your belt, as well as a corset. Many people enjoy the class so much they like to return and so I am very happy to tailor theinext project if they discuss with me any preference in advanced corset skills.

We begin each Class by ‘breaking the ice’, I bring along several examples of corsets in all sizes for folk to get into and they usually gasp at the reduction of their waist size!

Beginners can choose to make an overbust or underbust waspie style corset.

Full written instructions and patterns are provided but I also like to work through the process with each person as we all have different techniques of learning and I enjoy sharing ideas and appreciate the benefits of demonstration my self.


Trying on a corset, you have to admire the waist but most also comment on the back support you feel as a proper steel boned corset realigns your posture.


I like to encourage my students to bring along their choice of top fabric as this is a very personal selection . All other materials are provided by me and included in the materials cost.

I am very happy to help with the design process in planning the position of fabric and the placement of additional trim etc.


Six to eight people usually enrol on the courses, often travelling from all areas of the country to make a weekend of it.


Tracing patterns to suit your size.

Pattern pieces layer out after cutting

Pattern pieces layer out after cutting


Pressing open the seam-work after the panels have been stitched together


The student chose to use brushed upholstery fabric

The floral corset stitched together

The floral corset stitched together , lining up the pattern repeat to create a vision of the flowers travelling up the corset


Pinning the panels together


Inserting the front busk into the corset, with great care and precision


Creating the eyelets in the back of the corset


Trying on the Corset midway through the making process. shrieks of delight at this stage!


Frontview of a denim corset being tried on by a student


Making up the silk casings in this instance for a linen corset printed with toile de Jouy design


Eyelets in preparation for the ribbons or lacing which tightens and fastens the corset. The channels either side of the eyelets are supported with steel bones


Inserting steel spirals

Corset materials come from Vena Cava Design, Highly recommended!


Some precision stitching to apply the casings


An overview of the stages during corset making and some forward thinking in adding lace trim.

If you would like to come along to make a corset, please visit my workshop page for dates. Click here